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Urban Apparel 4 the Street Life: USA.

       Soy La Calle brings a clothes mixture of Urban Gear, Hip Hop Clothing, Graffiti Style and plain old New York creativity to the fashion world.
      Our clothing line captures the best of the trends and styles, and gives them more sophistication than the usual store brands.
link to OOAK page Our Top Of The Line Gold Label Premium apparel consists of One of A Kind (also known as OOAK) Urban Wear. High quality fabrics, unique designs, unusual treatments and superior workmanship are the proud hallmarks of this product. (None available at this time)
link to limited edition page Another Quality Line; our Black Label trades OOAK for clothing produced in Limited Editions. The maximum number of any one design will be One Hundred worldwide. In many cases, because of the rarity of the source materials, the Edition Limit will be much less. Edition Run Limits will be listed along with the other clothing specifications. (None available at this time)
link to red label readt to wear page Red Label apparel is produced in production runs limited only by the materials available and the demand for the product. Material quality is generally the same as in our Gold Label and Black Label products. Here you sacrifice uniquity in exchange for the lower prices allowed by the economies of scale. While the designs will be ours exclusively, they will be available to the masses. (None available at this time)
link to classic street gear page Our Classic Street designs are based on tradtional New York Hip Hop style. The Classic Line uses popular shirt brands as the clothing base. Lower pricing in this line does not stop creative use of our own art designs, others art designs, pictures and graffiti. (Available Now)
link to supplies page Our Supply Shop enables you to buy some of the materials required for you to create your own Urban Clothing Line.This page will change according to what we have available. Check out our selection of heat applied Rhinestone Transfers. (Available Now)
link to custom step dance page You can custom design and order your own 'Step Dance Team' tee shirts. Basic shirt prices start at $20 each. Low minimums , high quality.(Available Now)
We sell both Wholesale and Retail.
If you are a Retailer please contact us if you would like to carry our line .

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